Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Sting

You say this
I say that
Cut to the core
I can’t take this shit anymore
It’s all matter of fact.
No control
It slipped away
To you, you, you…

Not me!

Turned tables
Someday…just wait
Karma, fate
In an instant
Going to come
Get you, you, you…

Not me!

I breathe…
Give up…
Take it away
Slow burn…
Never fear
I’ll still be there
As always...waiting
For you, you, you…

Maybe me.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Kids Say the Darndest Things

My 9 year old nephew, Matthew, was visiting tonight. Every time I see him he asks me how I am coming along with the book I am writing. Tonight was no different except for the chuckle I got from it.

Matthew says matter-of-fact, "Auntie how's the book coming?"

"I'm doing very good. I just finished Chapter 33," I say with a smile. This elicits a small groan from Matthew as he has already asked at a previous encounter when it will be done and I said hopefully by Chapter 45. I respond to his groan with, "Matthew I'm almost done."

Walking away from me he stops then turns back to face me and says, "Well Auntie, when it's all done some publisher is going to take it and sell it... then ALL of New York will love it and you'll be rich."

With a raised eyebrow I look at my sister, his mother, then look back to Matthew and ask, "All of New York?"

With a straight face he says, "Yeah...cuz you'll be on that list." (Chuckle #1)

I grin and chuckle. "Thank you Matthew." I say to my sister, "geez I'm hoping the whole world loves it."

Matthew pipes up, "Yeah then you'll really be rich and you can buy a big mansion and WE'LL all live there." (Chuckle #2)

Love my godson - he's the greatest self-esteem boost. I'll tell you something else, when all of NEW YORK loves me and I am on that list I'm buying that child something special.