Saturday, August 29, 2009

REMEMBRANCE: Coming Soon (I hope)

With a skeleton key, only I posses, the door was opened. My dreamlike wishes ran amok, dancing and spinning through my mind; into loving, waiting hands that will spin the tale, of the one...

With dark hair that falls gently over high prominent cheekbones. Those ringlets of ebony silk strands fall over hazel colored eyes which stare, penetrating my being. Lips curled in sardonic smile he waits for me to tell his tale of sorcery and love. He licks his full lips slowly, whetting his appetite for what he knows will come from me. His long sculpted fingers push back errant hairs from out of his eyes. On his palm is the star and double crescent moons, deeply ingrained in black ink. His pale skinned hand is held outward to me. He knows it is I who will whisper the words into others ears by the touch of my tiny fingers, spinning the dreams of a long-forgotten reality. He stands waiting, the smile on his face is genuine. "Tell our story", he dares me. "Tell the story of the three, who once held the moon, sun and stars in their magical hands and let it go because of love and betrayal."

Remembrance, is just that - a story of love and betrayal but it is also of friendship and honor tested throughout time. Have you ever met someone and felt an instant connection? Have you ever wondered about your soul mate? How many times have you jokingly said, “we must’ve known each other in a past life?” Perhaps, you have.

Tarrant, Sulien and Arianwen lived, loved and lost in medieval days. They were the chosen three; a lord, a wizard and a witch with combined powers that would rule over medieval Wales; setting the sun and moon in harmony and balance with the lands. Through bitter betrayal it never came to pass - Arianwen was left alone to honor their name. Upon her death she set a spell into motion that was carried out into the auld Norse winds. The gods of fate have returned, breathing life back into that long-forgotten spell. The chosen three: Tiernan, Ayden and Arienh, are back to close the circle. Can they remember all that was in the past and fix the karmic wheel, or will the circle remain broken for all eternity?

Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy June

Ok so it's June... I forewarned everyone I am awful at keeping a journal. Honestly, I just forgot about this page, I've been busy since getting back from the trip. Which, b/t/w was very fun. I worried over nothing - the family behaved. Only had 1 incident with youngest child, so all in all great fun and would highly recommend a fun in the sun cruise.

I am still working on my story and have made it to Chapter 20 thus far. woo hoo! Me and my crazy life and I am still finding time to write. I promised myself I would work on it each night, whether it was editing or writing, I assured myself I would do that AND I was doing well up until two weeks ago. Health crisis. blah I was so exhausted and feeling cruddy I just could not drag myself to the computer. Someday this brilliant novel will finally reach its end. Someday

Today is my oldest daughter's birthday. She turned 17! Hard to believe 1 more year she will be graduating and then college. waaaah! :-( Exciting times but makes me sad, even though she drives me crazy sometimes - I still find it hard that my baby is all grown up. Happy Birthday Sara!

Well now I blogged - so I feel better. Now I am off to write on the WIP.

Friday, April 17, 2009

A Mindless Rant

One month since I posted about snow. HA! Today it was 70. Woo hoo us in New England. That was our spring - tomorrow we go back to winter - in 3 weeks we will jump to 85 degree weather. What's that NE saying, "If you don't like the weather in New England, wait a minute." So true.

Ok. I should be writing Chapter 15... it's half written doesn't that count for something. I seriously had every intention on finishing before I leave with my family on the cruise to the Bahama's Monday early morning but I unfortunately stalled out. Had to run to Target and get a new bathing suit and some new clothes cuz somehow I gained 6 pounds over the winter. eeeeeek shudder. Now I knew the cruise was coming, I also knew I gained weight, did I start my exercise program 3 months ago. No... why? I was writing. LOL yeah that's it... I was writing.

I have spent more money this week getting ready for this vacation than I probably will in the bahama's and I haven't even left the state of Massachusetts. Somebody just shoot me now and put me out of my misery. ahhhh never mind that's what the happy hour drinks on the cruise ship are for, right?

When I come back from vacation it's off to the gym. Pics of me in a bathing suit drunk should sooo prompt me to run shrieking to Bally's upon my return.

I'm glad to be out of work for a week, glad to be going away somewhere. Though I wish it was to England or Wales without kids but sun and surf I will take. Tomorrow I get buffed up, manicure, pedicure, waxing , hair. Sunday is packing 3 people up, NAP, double check we have everything, NAP again. Our shuttle to the airport arrives at 3:30am (yes AM) our flight is at 7am. Then it's no phones, no computer, no tv (what the hell am I going to do-- I actually have to spend quality time with the family eeeeeeeeek!!!!!). I shall post the vacation rant upon my return.

Now I'm off to do 4 paragraphs to Chapter 15. I have too, I promised someone I'd finish it before I go. :-)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow... snow... and more snow

God... I hate it. When will it end. They are declaring that in my little pocket of Massachusetts we are going to get upwards, and possibly more, than 15inches of that awful white stuff over the next 2 days. Ok... so I know it's March and I know it's New England but still... March 1st is roaring in like a lion ~ it damn well better go out like a lamb.

I am so looking forward to my cruise to the Bahama's in April. Sun, surf, sun and fun; did I mention SUN!!! I am not a 4 season person. It's not that I don't like winter... well ok I'll admit I don't like winter. There I said it. I hate it in fact! However, I will admit I do like that first light snowfall where everything looks pretty. After that I am done with winter. I hate the cold, I hate driving in the snow and ice. Not much more I can say than that. Winter in New England are just that: cold, windy, snow, ice and freaking COLD!

I guess this would be the perfect opportunity to clean house, fold laundry, play with the child, finish Chapter 11 and write more to my story. I think I'll go back to my new bed, pull the multiple down comforters I have on it over my head and sleep in my cocoon.

Wake me when April 20th arrives.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Auld Ways

White light flows
around your very being.
Energy surges
crackles in mid-air.
Stop the calling dance
center and stand here.
Head tilting back
palms turned upward
bask in the moons glow.
Feel the pull.
Quench the thirst.
Gather it all down
deep within the soul.
Auld ways beckon.
Call forth... the air.
Balance sent on arrows of light.
From within... bring fire.
Hear the ancient ones shout.
Feel it tremble & shake; scatter, the
The storm has begun.
Brought forth, falling gently, the rains water.
My brothers and sisters,
As above, so below
With thy will, it is done.
So mote it be.


For Juli..

As Above

Surround me ancient ones,
feel my energy
circle and rise.

Moon goddess,
guide me,
as I re-learn to fly.

I call… Earth
to shift and move the willows
Let their branches bow and dance
as I do before them.

I call… Air
to lift and stream through my dark hair
Let it flow free and wild
untamed like my heart.

I call… Fire
to ignite and burn brightly
Let the flames release white energy
into the depths of my soul.

I call… Water
to shed and fall from dark eyes
Let the past go, be one in the present
breathe the future.

Throughout Ostara eve,
wood nymphs fed the fire,
soft air blew heated embers
into the misty night sky.

Sun god,
watch me,
as I now take flight.


I hate that term... newbie but I guess that's what I am. New to blogging and setting up this account and page. blah. One should never do it while sick. I spose most of this blog will be taken up with my mindless meanderings and what I call poetry. Poetry first... my latest and greatest.

Sacred Sword

Virgin steel offered up from dark mountains
Embraced by dancing flames; licked
Seductively by fiery hot embers
Maintained by a gentle kiss from the
North winds.

On the anvil of truth and knowledge
Spitting sparks fly; repeated ring of
Turning steel pounded flat
By old hands holding the gods hammer.
Glowing steel screams and hisses
As icy spring waters cool its heat.
Return to the dance once more.

Forged steel lays flat, curved,
Sharpened by aged spinning stone.
Silver sheen polished; smooth as crystal
Etching sacred writ spoken in lilting
Tongues by the auld ones.

Braided leather encases the hilt
Awaiting the chosen one.
Sacred sword spins
In the hands of the Lady…
Who waits.

So there it is... This is what I do when there is not enough time to write on my current WIP and when I am procrastinating writing on my current WIP.

Stephy's meanderings... HA!