Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I did it!

November 1st saw me winding down the NaNoWriMo road. I was full of hope, inspiration, and the promise of a shiny 50,000 word rough draft on December 1st. With the help of Feywriter and her challenge I did well the first two days. Then, I fell off the wagon, but I got right back on that following weekend - still on target. Somewhere between the end of week 2 and week 3 I started losing focus and drive. Numerous thoughts floated through my brain; am I done yet, why is this so stinking hard, I've been at this for hours and all I have is 700 words...are you kidding me? I couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel and thought I was a goner. Mary (Feywriter) sent up a challenge and we nudged each other again. It was just the push (shove) I needed. I got back in the saddle each day and pushed out more words than ever before. My count was climbing and the end was near...I saw the proverbial purple bar with the word WINNER on it. I wanted it. I had to have that under my name. So I pushed myself harder than ever on Black Friday and then Saturday to get the last of my word count out and I DID IT!!! Happy Dance and a cha cha line with my youngest around the house. I got a high five and an AWESOME MOM. That felt good and warmed the cockles of my heart. My lil one was proud of me. :-)

There is no monetary gain by participating in the NaNo's, but I did gain a lot by participating. I learned to shut my darn internal editor off, and with perservance (and a lot of perspiration) I can reach my goals. I sat down every day (well I tried too) and noticed that I was able to put more words on the page each day. Then of course there's the bragging rights. :-) Not too many people can say they wrote 50,000 words in 30 days, right? I did - yeah me!

My WIP needs work, I'll admit it. When all was said and done, I knew it would. Honestly, I thought it would be a mess, but it's not as bad as I feared. Hard to believe that one comment to longhairedfool at that diner 3 years ago about that little boy would turn into what it has now become--a story.

I feel great - hopeful. If the NaNo has taught me but one thing, that would be persistance. With this newfound persistance and tenacity in my writing I move forward. I have 3 other stories waiting to be written but I need to edit these last two stories - REMEMBRANCE and SEREN'S ANGEL in the hopes of someday seeing them on the bookshelves (and in people's hands).

I won't give up. I'm determined.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010



Emma’s precognition, telepathy and clairvoyance skills help her find the man of her dreams; her twin soul mate, James. Unfortunately, he has another soul spirit living inside him. It needs to be freed. The fate of this soul’s existence rests in their hands. To free it is the ultimate act, and Emma doesn’t like it one bit – James will have to die.

Monday, November 1, 2010

In a Word

November 1st

Word Count Goal: 1650
Word Count total: 3305

NaNoWriMo started at the stroke of midnight last night. Unfortunately I was tucked in bed fast asleep. Got a late start but I surpassed my goal with Feywriters help. I challenged her to do 2200 words then that became a challenge to reach 3200. We both did it. YAY us!

I'm loving how the story is taking shape. I had an outline, chapter breakdown into pararaph formats of what I wanted to do. For the most part I stayed true to the chapter breakdown cept for 1 part where Emma and Percy needed to kabitz. But I'm now back on track and loving my story. I hope I can keep it up and my characters keep talking.

Tomorrow's count won't be as high. I know this going into the day. I have a concert I'm going to but I'm going to try and squeeze some words in throughout the day. My goal is to reach 1,000 words so I don't fall behind.

I feel great and happy we both surpassed our goals on Day 1. Thank you Feywriter.


Excerpt: Seren's Angel: Emma and Percy meet

Emma turned her head quickly towards the sound but saw no one. “Who’s there?” Silence. No buzz from the spirits, chirping birds or even the sound of the wind was there. It was as if no sound existed. Emma clenched her teeth. Was she imagining this? A voice had spoken. She stood up to get a better look at the cemetery. She didn’t want to be found until she was gone. If someone was nearby… “Hello,’ she asked. Still no response or sounds. With a shrug, she sat back down and picked up the blade, placing it against her neck. One quick rip against the jugular and within minutes she’d be gone. One, two…she pressed the steel tip into her skin and winced.

“Are you sure you want to do that?”

Emma brought the blade down and looked around. Annoyed she searched the cemetery again only this time she spied a man dressed in black leaning against the willow tree that she had sat by earlier. Where did he come from? She blinked. He was still there, staring and smiling at her. Who are you? And why do you care, she thought casting the man an angry glance.

“I care a lot about you Emma.” He pushed off the tree and walked towards her. When he neared he bowed in umbrage then stood upright and smiled.

How does he know me, she wondered? He didn’t frighten her. In fact she was curious as she looked up at his crystal blue eyes? They seemed to shimmer in the fading sunlight, she noticed. He looked human but yet, he felt like the spirit shadows did. They shared a disconnect to the environment around them – there but not there. This man had the same essence about him but yet he was flesh and blood. Was it possible?

“Yes. It’s possible.”

With mouth agape she stared at him in wonderment then whispered. “You can hear my thoughts.” His broad grin gave her his answer. “Who are you?”

“My name is Percival but you can call me Percy.”

“Let me rephrase that. What are you,” Emma asked.

“Exactly what you thought - a spirit in human form. I am a go-between, an angel in the shape of a human. Why a human form you wonder?” He grinned. “Most humans deal better speaking to another human when they’re in trouble. And you…” His eyes glanced down at the knife in her hand then back to her face. “My dear, appear to be in trouble.”

"Go away. I don’t need a go-between for the here and now. I’m tired." Emma looked down at the knife.

"We all get tired from time to time. You are now, and need to remain here."

Emma snorted. “Really. Why? Nobody cares about me. I’m the freak. My momma was the only one who cared, and she’s gone. I tried. I’ve really tried to live in this crazy world, but there’s nothing here for me. Look at me. I’m sitting in a cemetery because it’s the only place I belong, the only place where I comfortable and where I am accepted.” She paused and waited for the angel to say something, but he stood with a smile on his face. Why is he smiling? She frowned. “You know you’re not a very good angel.”

"Really. Why’s that?"

Emma took a deep breath, blew out her frustration then waved her hand in the air. “Seriously. You’re an angel. Aren’t you supposed to be telling me that I have something to live for. That I don’t need that knife. My momma wouldn’t want me to do this. “ Pausing, she sent him a nasty glance and turned away. “Go away Percy. Leave me alone.”

“Emma. Look at me.” He repeated his words and she turned around. “I can tell you those things but you already know this. You know right from wrong. Your momma brought you up well. You’re fighting your own demon. I’m here to help one way or the other, I am here.”

“Percy, you’re not helping.” She saw him smiling again. “Stop smiling.” Emma paced as she thought, what the hell is wrong with this angel. Aren’t they supposed to help? Just like the universe to send her a crazy angel. Bad enough I have visions, talk to the dead and hear others thoughts, now I have a go-between angel who does nothing but smile like the Cheshire cat. All she wanted was to see her momma. She needed advice. People were getting crazier, her visions showed the world in chaos. Emma stopped and rubbed her hands softly over her mother’s headstone. She closed her eyes and called out in her mind. Momma, please. I need help. I don’t know where…I don’t fit in. What do I do?

“She won’t answer Emma,” Percy whispered to Emma. “Her spirit has moved onward in the next phase of her journey.” Emma looked at him, her eyes filling with tears. He floated towards her then laid his hand over the one touching the stone. “Emma your mother was a beautiful light. She gave you all that she could give. She taught you well and helped you with your gifts. Remember these things as you make your decision, but also remember that nothing is without consequence. If you leave now without fighting, without really trying then you have failed and will come back to struggle all the more, to learn.”

“I have tried…”

“You have not tried to live. You haven’t even begun. What I do see is someone trying hard to die. Life is hard, but it is also beautiful and magical if you see it through your heart. It is you Emma, who see yourself as a freak. You are the one who can control this but you choose not too. You’ve been in a cocoon for so long you don’t know how to break free and fly.” Percy placed both hands on her shoulders then turned her to face him. “Emma, you have amazing, beautiful wings. Break free of the cocoon, fly and see the beauty of life through your heart. You have so much to give, your gifts are special. They are not given out lightly. You know when to use them, and yes, they can be scary at times because most don’t have them. You feel alone but my dear you are not alone, you have him.” He smiled as she stared upwards at him. “You know what and who I am talking about.”

Everything Percy said was true. She was fighting hard to die because living was painful, hard and scary. The future to come…was unknown for her, except for him. Him, the man who has no name, but connected to her in a way she didn’t understand. He frightened her. Who was he? She could never understand this one bit of her future. Momma always smiled, shook her head with a thoughtful, knowing look but never enlightened her. All she ever said was, ‘when you see him outside your vision dreams, you will know’; it was cryptic, like him. She’d been having more dreams of him lately and she didn’t understand her feelings.

“Who is he Percy?”

“I cannot tell. He is known only to you. But, he is real, and waiting. You’re having more visions of him because he is calling. You know this and you’re afraid. Afraid to live.” He looked again into her eyes. “Emma, don’t fight life. Live it, embrace it. Don’t live it here amongst the dead. Say goodbye and give life everything you have. Make it special, beautiful and find the magic. It’s there. Faith, hope and love. You have that, it’s in you. You want to believe, therefore it is." Percy turned Emma to face the headstone. "That is not a home, she is not there. Your momma is doing what she wants you to do.”

“What is that,” Emma whispered rubbing the headstone.


Emma turned around but Percy had gone. She looked back then knelt down at the gravesite and placed a trembling hand on the cold stone. The tears came then. To say goodbye was hard but Percy was right, her momma wasn’t here and she wouldn’t want her daughter to live with the ghosts. She had to live. If there was one thing momma taught her, it was to live. The world is a scary place and she was afraid, but she would give it her all, she had too. “Momma I’m leaving now. I don’t know how, but I’m going to learn how to fly and I’m going to soar. Goodbye momma. I love you. Merry meet.”

Then the tiniest of moments caught her eye. A lone pink petal had come loose from one of the buds she had laid on the ground. Emma watched as the petal rolled and tumbled around then lifted slightly in the wind only to fall. It was tossed around some more, lifted then dropped over and over again. She watched its struggle as it tried to find its place within the soft winds Then it happened, the petal found its way. It was lifted upwards then carried higher and father away until it was lost from her vision. She understood and smiled. It was time to fly.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Am I crazy?

I must be. I entered the 2010 NaNoWriMo's 50,000 words in 30 days starting November 1st. Insane, isn't it? That's approximately 1600+ words daily for 30 days. Piece a cake right? Well, given that I work 5 days a week, have 2 children and 2 pets to take care of, there's a holiday in November...umm, no pressure.

Why would you enter, you ask? Well, at the time I hadn't calculated out how many words a day I needed to do and it sounded fun. LOL Honestly, I entered because I feel strongly about the story I've been plotting and I felt the NaNo's would give me the push I need to get the rough draft done. REMEMBRANCE took me 2 years to write and is still waiting for my editing. I'll admit, I laxed off on that story more often than naught and thank heavens I had great friends who pushed (whipped) me right to the very end.

I can be a procrastinator at times and I know what pushes me. Also, I don't want to bother my friends with another story (well at least until I have a finished product-ha). Knowing I have a deadline to meet and a wonderful story to create is the push I need. I figure either way I win. If I meet the goal - Fantastic - I get my lovely NaNo parting gifts and a 50,000 word rough draft. If I don't meet the goal...then I have something more than I started with on November 1st.

What I hope to learn from this experience is to just write. By that I mean, to stop editing while I'm doing the rough draft. It slows me down trying to perfect a sentence. I stop when I need to look something up (research); these things break the creative flow. I need to make highlighted comments and learn to go back later. Since the NaNo's are all about just writing, writing, writing, it's my goal to do just that. I feel good, so far, about this.

October is my month to prepare. I've been outlining, plotting, creating character assessments, and interviewing my characters. Trust me when I say they're talking. Emma, James and Seren have been letting me know how they want their story told. Though, if James keeps changing his tune...I may have to fix his sorry arse. (I'm the writer I can do that-HA) It's been very interesting. Damn them though-they won't tell me the end. They say it's a surprise. LOL

It's fun preparing for the big day. A large part of me wants to start now but the rules state no actual writing until 11-1-2010. I did create a prologue for this story awhile back but had to stop the story when I hurt my hand. Now that my hand is just about back, is time! The prologue and its word count will not be used for the NaNo's. I tend to write prologues to see if the story works for me. I have approximately 3-4 prologues sitting around, along with my, What if..." folder. Prologues are my jumping pads to the actual story and this one rocks (if I do say so myself).

November will be a tough month but if I can stay true to my Chapter outlines I know I can do this thing. I have to unplug from the internet and just do it - WRITE, WRITE, WRITE. I need to make SEREN'S ANGEL a reality.

Wish me luck, heaven knows I'm going to need it.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday the 13th

Muwahahahahaha (insert sinister laugh)

Has anyone else felt like this has been a week from hell. Starting it off I hurt my right hand. Fantastic, in that its not broken, but awful in that its my dominant hand and I can't do anything with it. As a writer and a person who makes a living being able to type...well, this is not a good thing. It's getting better - still stiff, still has the lump, swelling and bruise, but in time I'm assured this will pass. Must do my exercises, which is to hen-peck the keyboard to get the muscles moving again. So much for my 90 wpm speed, huh? All this because I knocked a fan onto my hand. (gah)

Its been slow going on the story. I tried using a dictaphone but I can't seem to make myself speak into the darn thing and make it sound like a story. Why? My doctor's make it seem so easy to use. I guess with time and practice I will get used to using it (probably about the time my hand is doing better). I did do some outlining on my new story last night (hand therapy). Can't keep a good writer down. LOL

I haven't been able to do anything in the house. All my grand plans for cleaning child's room and fall cleaning while she was away didn't pan out. I was lucky to get the pigs cage and cat litter pan clean and that was only with help (thanks Rob-I owe U).

Back to work already which is probably a good thing as daytime tv is brutal. When you find yourself yelling at the imbeciles on Contestant Row and the Showcase Showdown and have watched repeats of movies on the Lifetime Channel... it's time! I did however find a great show on at 4pm on the BBC channel some talk show - Funny stuff that was. I wonder if I can switch my hours at work. Hmmmm

Well hand therapy is over (for now) - I need to attempt dishes. Have run out of all coffee mugs and this is disastrous. I need coffee cups. :-)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

So WIP it...WIP it good!

Well, I finished the rough draft of REMEMBRANCE. Yay me! It was an exhilirating moment to say the least. I did the happy dance for the remainder of the day and the next. Then the let-down came. I began editing. No happy dance then, it was more like - drag my feet and plunk my sorry butt into the chair and edit. It wasn't a pretty sight.

I had been given some critique's which informed me my POV was off. Excuse moi. My How could that be? My baby was beautiful - don't tell me it has flaws and needs major surgery. I was still very much wrapped up in the rapture of it being done - how could I possibly dismantle something so wonderfully delectable. :-) But, they were right. I knew when I wrote the story it was a rough draft and that the editing process was NOT going to be fun. (Hmmm even though writing is supposed to be fun - isn't that what creating this story was all about?) Anyways, I decided to take a break from REMEMBRANCE and editing. Clear my head and step away from Ari, Aiden, Teiran and the cast of characters that were screaming - NOooooo - don't touch us, leave us alone. We're beautiful remember?

So now, I am working on another story. Well, two stories...ok three but I'm not counting - it's just these pesky voices in my head keep telling me...OK they are all begging me to tell their story. So I'm outlining them, writing up character assessments and did prologues to see which one feels right. Hopefully I'll figure it out.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Stellar Day

Oh what a night...and day. I feel so accomplished. Everything I set out to do today I actually did. Yeah me! And now look - icing on the cake, I'm blogging.

I've done some shopping for my daughter's party, finalized the menu for said party, ordered cake, baloons, etc. Did some laundry, have lil one's bag almost all set for her week in Florida, actually ate breakfast and dinner and not just coffee. I trashed my old query and rewrote a new one thanks to the great help of Jodi Meadows and her query crit. I finished Chapter 44, one more to go and then I'm in the editing trenches. I'm actually looking forward to it - one step closer and a little each day.

I feel awesome. Tomorrow it's food shopping and cleaning (not fun but it has to be done) and maybe just maybe I can start 45. (Squee!)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Puddle Jumpers

©2010 by S.A. Hussey
Not to be posted or reprinted without permission of the author.

“Rain, rain, go away. Come again some other day.” It was a lilting song the two young girl’s half sang-half chanted as they skipped through the wet field by the elementary school. A slight mist fell but their mother’s dressed them in red and yellow knee-high puddle boots and matching rain jackets as if they almost expected the young girls to get caught in a downpour. The girls giggled as they held hands and merrily continued their sing-song that is until they came to the fence that separated the school from the woods. Both girls stopped.

“What do ya think?” Amy asked smiling mischievously at her friend. “You want to go check it out?”

Lily stared into the dark woods and her stomach did nervous little flip flops at the thought of going in there. It was against the rules, everybody knew that. Bad things happened in there. Children would go in but never came out. At least that’s what Marty the fifth grader had told them when Amy asked why no one ever played in there. Marty was the bravest boy she knew and even he didn’t go in there. She looked at her friend Amy and shook her head no. “I’m not going in there. You know what happens and besides it’s against the rules.”

“Rules schmooze. I don’t believe what they say anyways. It’s just a story the grown-ups told kids to ruin our fun,” Amy said as she climbed over the fence. “Come with me. We’ll just go check it out. We won’t go near it or anything.”

“Amy come on…get back over here, if anyone sees you we’ll get in big trouble.” She watched as Amy started tromping into the woods. “Amy. Please,” she pleaded as she looked around to see if anyone saw her go in.

“You know what Lily, you’re a chicken. Bwak bwak.”

“Am not. I just…I just,” she stopped and looked down at her feet. The tears were welling up inside. Everyone made fun of her and now her one and only friend was too. Perhaps she should just go with Amy, prove to her and everyone that she wasn’t a chicken. Maybe Amy was right. Adults were always making stuff up to keep them from having fun. She looked at her friend leaning against the tree. Amy was new to the area and she liked her. They were bestest friends and didn’t bestest friends do everything together. “Hold up, I’ll go with you.”

~ ~ ~

The woods weren’t that big. It was just an area on a small hill covered with trees. The place they were looking for was located just at the incline of the hill, about a five minute walk from the fence they had just climbed over. Lily hoped they wouldn’t find it; that it was just like Amy said, ‘a made up story’. But when they reached the area where the hill started Lily stopped short and her mouth dropped open. No, the story couldn’t possibly be true.

“Amy let’s go back now.” The pancakes and bacon she had for breakfast were churning in her nervous stomach. She tugged on Amy’s jacket and gave her a pleading look. “Please. Let’s go back.”

“In a minute, I want to check this thing out.” Amy walked towards the hill’s incline but her eyes were fixed on the ground ahead of her. “It’s not much to look at. I expected it to be bigger.”

“Come on…let’s go.” Her stomach really hurt now. Why did she come with her, Lily wondered? Oh yeah-bestest friends. They were going to be in serious trouble. “I’m leaving.”

“So leave then you big baby.” Amy retorted.

Lily was afraid, part of her wanted to stay for her friend but the other half…she swallowed hard as she looked at the glistening black spot on the ground. If she left now she could make it back to school and no one would be the wiser. If Amy wanted to make fun of her like the rest of them did, then let her. She wasn’t about to become another name added to the list of missing children. “I’m leaving,” she said again. Amy didn’t even answer her; she was too busy staring at the spot. When she watched her friend pick up the small rock, she turned and ran. It was a cowardly thing to do but her nervousness got the best of her stomach. She was going to throw up and she didn’t want to do that in front of her friend.

Amy stared hypnotically at the spot. She was fascinated. How could something so small do what everyone said it did? With a quick toss, the rock she had just held in her hand, landed in the middle of the spot. Small ripples danced across its dark surface. The rock protruded out of the inky blackness. Breaking a branch off a nearby tree she moved in closer to the spot. Crouched low, she moved the branch over the black liquid then up and down. A smile crept over her face then she laughed. Stupid kids and their made-up stories, it’s just a puddle. Idiots, wait til she told Lily it was just a dumb story. A puddle, she thought giggling. It’s going to eat me. Yeah right.

It was big enough for her to stand in if she wanted to, and judging by the protruding rock she threw on it – the water would only come up to her ankles. So how would it eat her? What did Marty say? Oh yeah ‘that all the kids jumped over it and the spot ate them’. Ok Marty, I’ll prove you wrong, she thought backing up a foot. It’s a stupid puddle. How’s it going to do that? She ran and jumped over it. Turning around she snickered. Marty is so dumb. Running again she jumped over it and landed on the other side. Yep the story is lame, just what she thought. Ok one more puddle jump and then it’s off to school. She took two steps then turned around and ran without thinking. Had she stopped before running she would’ve seen that the puddle had grown much bigger and the protruding rock she had thrown earlier had now disappeared - like she did when she landed in the middle of the inky blackness just as the puddle came alive and swallowed her whole.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Charon gestures,
board the boat of reeds.
Gather up the obolus
dig deep the broken oar
Forever forward,
traipsing the sunless sea.
Drift in murky depths
rough, blackened waters.
Backwards tussle
into the Isle of Sorrows.
Jagged rocks, twist, turn, lost
shroud the labyrinth within
Screams in the oblivion
nothing whispers
Entering weeping bay.
hold tight the soul
Within harrowing's embrace
specters take flight
To dark Shadow delight.

(Unfinished ~ In progress)

Wake me in Spring

Spinning the web
Out of control
No place to go
Damn it’s too bloody cold.

Step right, then left
One foot outside the door
The wandering heart
Has no place to soar.

The heart of a gypsy
Beats with wanderlust
An eye to the East
Fills now with dust.

Slip into the cocoon
Wrap the blankets tight
Thor is blowing frosty winds
Wake me on Beltane night.

Strung Words

Ok so I have few poems (?) I put together and had on another blog but I've decided to move them here a few at a time.

The Chameleon

Change baby change
life you rearrange.
In space and time,
your two worlds collide.
Northern seaside; fog settles in.
Western seaside; live in sin.
Doom and gloom your mind erupts,
Mirrors play tricks body is corrupt.
Spinning wheels keep you chained.
Living life in the fast lane.
You run on empty
Smoke induced, euphoric high,
It doesn't seem to matter
What gets you by.
Sounds caress your ears
Fingertips play the tune.
Stories spun and spoken with a laugh
Precious memories held in photographs.
Your sun rises in the East
Your moon sets in the West.
Darkness settles in
but you can never rest.
To the moon
baby and far beyond
How sweet it is
before it's all gone.
Change chameleon change
isn’t life very strange?

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dogs have owners, cats have staff.

Thousands of years ago, cats were worshipped as gods. Cats have never forgotten this. ~~ Anonymous

Love em … hate em but they’re out there and giving you that “look”. Yeah, you know the look. It’s the one that says I am the greatest lion(ess) that walked the earth and you must cater to my every whim…be afraid-be very afraid. Meow-purrrrrr.

I’ve had a few cats over the years and right now my Queen Sheba (well she thinks she is) has been living with me, her maidservant, for 17 years. Long time for a cat; she’s outlasted 2 husbands, several moves (some to others states), putting up with other imbecile animals (her thinking not mine), endured many kids pawing and grabbing her fluffy tail, as well as changes in food (sale at the grocery store). Still my affectionate lioness has stayed with me (didn’t run away like kitty kitty did all those years ago-lil bitch) and I get “the look” quite often which means she endures me. I translate that to mean she likes me. Right?

Gidget came to me via my sister (who named her) all those years ago as she was moving and her new place didn’t allow pets. Since kitty-kitty ran away (saw later the cat shacked up with a neighbor down the street-guess I wasn’t good enough) my sister thought my daughter needed another. Her highness is part Maine-Coon and domestic long-haired (don’t tell Gidget she’s domestic-oh the horror) and believes she has full run of the house (actually, she probably does). My couch, chairs, bedding, clothes, jackets, etc. etc. all will attest I own a long-haired cat. The queen has stamped her loving mark on me and the children many times over. When I got new furniture and bedding I had to stop and think hmmm how much fur will show on this.

I don’t own a cat; I co-habitate with a feline. No one owns a cat – they own themselves. Their picky and prickly in nature; by this I mean pet me, no don’ me again, (arrgggh glare given from cat) the other way you dimwit, the other way. They saunter to you, you start petting them and then they move away-which is there fun and amusing way to see if you will continue by actually getting up and moving with them.

Don’t get me started on food services. Mine will only eat ocean whitefish flavors – inhales can food like she’ll never see it again. She doesn’t get it very often because well she…can we say “hairball”. I won’t even get into that topic – I’d rather deal with human children sick. Ewww. Swear her highness throws those out of her system at will when she’s mad at me or one of the children.

Speaking of said little beasts, she endures them too. I think she’s highly amused by them (glad someone is). Either that or she's thinking, by way of one of her many looks, if you were my children – SWAP with claws out. She does love the lil minions and they love her. When they sleep out-- it freaks her out -- she meows at their door and gives me one of her “where the hell are they looks”. It’s quite sweet – the queen misses them. Well, it's probably just their laps and there hands rubbing her back she misses but still, it’s sweet that she notices that they aren’t there. When they return she does the cat happy dance which is to run in and out between their feet, until they elicit the scream of, "GIDGET STOP!!!" Yeah queen, stop! I don’t need them to break a bone or anything then I’d have to wait on them.

Her highness, Queen Gidget, only sleeps in high places (back of couch, on chairs. Never on the floor (it’s not good enough). We even bought her a pretty pink bed but like my girls I think she detests that color because she hasn’t slept in it once, even though it has enough catnip on and in it to put her to sleep. Nope, doesn’t work for her - my bed is it. Precisely the top right hand corner. Sometime ago she went from the bottom corner and has now miraculously pushed to the head of the bed. When I tell her to get off I get that look. Lifts up only her head then stares at me, yawns huge (I do not fear the lioness teeth), stares again, blinks and gives me the “oh are you still standing there-get lost woman”. I say, “I’m serious.” Yeah right, claws extract and dig further in the down. "Grrrrrrrr," I growl and the cat… (honest) Smirks. Smirks I tell you. Then I get the look that says, nice try. She then lays head back down and cat naps further.

Cats! Hrumpf... I guess she’s earned the right. I leave her.

Monday, April 5, 2010


Bah-da bah-da-da-da; Bah-da bah-da-da-da
Monday, Monday - Can't trust that day.

Haven't heard that song in quite some time but it's ringing through my head. Stop..STOP I say! Why do random songs like that pop into one's head? Huh? Things that make you go hmmmm.

Just noticed it's been almost a month since I last blogged. I am so bad at keeping current...somedays I feel like a mole. Pop your head up from underground take a look and go Naaaaaaaaaah nope no way! LOL

I have been busy on Remembrance and I'm almost there, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel but (there's always a but) I think I scared my muse. No, really, I think I did. She's used to my laziness, unorganized and unorthodox style of writing and the fact that I actually have an outline written (and typed) right up to the very end, along with a short epilogue and promo for 2nd book and that I've been sitting at the computer daily welllll, I think I scared her. Either that or she's fainted and in shock. I'm not exactly sure which.

I keep looking at my outline, stare at the wall, look at the outline again and nothing, nada, zilch comes. (I met him at the candy store..He turned around and smiled at me....?) My fingers sit patiently waiting for something... anything. Instead of tapping out words on the keyboard I hum songs recorded long before I was ever born. Isn't that fantastic? What a unique gift. I'm so special (shhhh don't tell anyone - Who would I tell? - Stop talking peeps, I'm trying to hear Daydream Believer by the Monkee's).

Ok that song is I have that blasted hum in my ear from listening to the music too loud. LOL You get that hum too, right? Like I was saying I'm not sure where my muse went but she better hurry up back - I have 5 more chapters calling, aching to be finished. I've looked everywhere for her and trust me, she's not in or, on that white wall in front of my computer. Hmmmmm Nope she's not. (Paperback Writer...Dear Sir or Madam, will you read my book? It took me years to write, will you take a look?)

Ok so maybe...Eureka! Of course (smacks head). Muse chick could be lurking around going, yeah sure Steph YOU think you have it outlined YOU think you know your end. Mwahahahahahaha...think again my pretty. (my muse can get very sinister - she likes the cookies and candy given to her on the dark side).

The more I think about it-yeah I'm pretty sure that's my muse. I get it now - she doesn't like the organized Stephy. So here's what I'm going to do. I'm putting away the outline and doing what I always do - write away and see what comes; she (my muse) always comes then. It's worth a shot, right?

And, well...if that don't work. A plate of thin mint cookies, Easter candy (jelly beans mmm) and a pot (what am I saying make that 3 pots) of coffee should lure her out of hiding.

Off to write...right after Mack the Knife stops playing.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Calm in the Storm

It was a dark and stormy night... It is just that. Cold March night with the winds whistling and the rain coming down fast and furious. Not fit for man or beast. I'm thankful it's not snow. This could only mean we have jumped the March mid month hurdle and Spring is around the corner. Tonight we turn the clocks ahead which means more light...YES!!!! This makes me ecstatic as I hate driving at night and having more light at 6pm is well...wonderful.

Soon Spring then Summer and hopefully a completed novel with most edits/rewrites done (wishful thinking for me the procrastinator). Almost there though...there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I should be writing on 37 tonight but I'm tired and my brain is in a fog. Basically, I have nothing. Ayden, Tiernan and Ari are holed up somewhere in the farthest reaches of my creative mind and my muse is relaxing someplace warm and cozy on this frightful night. All is too quiet in the house; one child is with dad for the night and the other is off with friends. Methinks that I need to have noise and chaos around me in order to write; I think my system doesn't know any other way so my characters and muse have gone on hiatus.

Tonight I think I shall just relax with a good friend, food and coffee. Tomorrow is another day...course it's sposed to rain tomorrow but the children will be home so chaos returns.

Monday, March 1, 2010

The Badlands

From toil and trouble
You were born,
Dirty little cowboy
Hands callous…worn.

Live your days searching
Ride alone
Rough Rider Cowboy
Has no home.

Rough Rider, Rough Rider -- Bring it on
Rough Rider, Rough Rider – Shoot, before the thrill is gone.

Make em beg
Make em plead
Rough Rider stands
While they’re on their knees.

Shake em down
Stand your ground
Rough Rider glares
Before firing the round.

Rough Rider, Rough Rider -- Bring it on
Rough Rider, Rough Rider -- Shoot, before the thrill is gone.

Look at their eyes
Such a big surprise
Rough Rider laughs
Watches you die.

Rough Rider, Rough Rider -- Bring it on
Rough Rider, Rough Rider -- Shoot, before the thrill is gone.

Rough Rider, Rough Rider -- Bring it on
Rough Rider, Rough Rider -- Shoot, before the thrill is gone.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Sting

You say this
I say that
Cut to the core
I can’t take this shit anymore
It’s all matter of fact.
No control
It slipped away
To you, you, you…

Not me!

Turned tables
Someday…just wait
Karma, fate
In an instant
Going to come
Get you, you, you…

Not me!

I breathe…
Give up…
Take it away
Slow burn…
Never fear
I’ll still be there
As always...waiting
For you, you, you…

Maybe me.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Kids Say the Darndest Things

My 9 year old nephew, Matthew, was visiting tonight. Every time I see him he asks me how I am coming along with the book I am writing. Tonight was no different except for the chuckle I got from it.

Matthew says matter-of-fact, "Auntie how's the book coming?"

"I'm doing very good. I just finished Chapter 33," I say with a smile. This elicits a small groan from Matthew as he has already asked at a previous encounter when it will be done and I said hopefully by Chapter 45. I respond to his groan with, "Matthew I'm almost done."

Walking away from me he stops then turns back to face me and says, "Well Auntie, when it's all done some publisher is going to take it and sell it... then ALL of New York will love it and you'll be rich."

With a raised eyebrow I look at my sister, his mother, then look back to Matthew and ask, "All of New York?"

With a straight face he says, "Yeah...cuz you'll be on that list." (Chuckle #1)

I grin and chuckle. "Thank you Matthew." I say to my sister, "geez I'm hoping the whole world loves it."

Matthew pipes up, "Yeah then you'll really be rich and you can buy a big mansion and WE'LL all live there." (Chuckle #2)

Love my godson - he's the greatest self-esteem boost. I'll tell you something else, when all of NEW YORK loves me and I am on that list I'm buying that child something special.


Sunday, January 3, 2010


This is it! This is the year that all things will happen. I will blog, I will exercise and shed the unwanted pounds. I will make it to England and Wales. I will finish THE BOOK. I will... so many I will's.

I have 4 major things I want to accomplish in the next year, well I actually want to have them crossed off the list by end of June but I'll take the year if need be.

1. FINISH Remembrance.
2. Exercise regularly. I need to shed the unwanted weight I have gained somehow.
3. Go to England/Wales.
4. Meet Jimmy Page.

It's not a big list as you can see. These are not resolutions, as I always break them. These 4 things are a definite must... #4 might be a bit tough to work out but I am nothing but persistent and if I can do #3 -- well anything is possible. Right?

Oh yes there is a 5th one for the list, quit smoking, but I am hesistant to add it on there. Something about writing, smoking and drinking loads of coffee. I'm not sure I can give that crutch up but I will give it a go. I'm down to the last pack...have my patches and a firing squad (my 2 kids). So we shall see; if it interferes with my writing then...

I do hope to keep up with this blog though - can't believe its been 4 months. It was Summer warmth. Winter - cold wind snow. That's for another blog.