Saturday, March 13, 2010

Calm in the Storm

It was a dark and stormy night... It is just that. Cold March night with the winds whistling and the rain coming down fast and furious. Not fit for man or beast. I'm thankful it's not snow. This could only mean we have jumped the March mid month hurdle and Spring is around the corner. Tonight we turn the clocks ahead which means more light...YES!!!! This makes me ecstatic as I hate driving at night and having more light at 6pm is well...wonderful.

Soon Spring then Summer and hopefully a completed novel with most edits/rewrites done (wishful thinking for me the procrastinator). Almost there though...there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I should be writing on 37 tonight but I'm tired and my brain is in a fog. Basically, I have nothing. Ayden, Tiernan and Ari are holed up somewhere in the farthest reaches of my creative mind and my muse is relaxing someplace warm and cozy on this frightful night. All is too quiet in the house; one child is with dad for the night and the other is off with friends. Methinks that I need to have noise and chaos around me in order to write; I think my system doesn't know any other way so my characters and muse have gone on hiatus.

Tonight I think I shall just relax with a good friend, food and coffee. Tomorrow is another day...course it's sposed to rain tomorrow but the children will be home so chaos returns.


  1. hahaha I remember that horrible rainy night. And yes it wasn't fit for man nor beast..LOL So excited that it's s'posed to be in the 70's this weekend..yeah baby!! Now if only I could fix my totally backward sleep schedule in time to actually 'see' the sunshine? LOL great blog!I shall be visiting often..I so gotta keep up with mine..just been caught up in other artsy projects..xoxo

  2. oh btw follow me on twitter too..Kelley23..and you should link your blog to networkedblogs on facebook if ya haven't already..makes it easy to show recent posts..