Sunday, May 2, 2010

Strung Words

Ok so I have few poems (?) I put together and had on another blog but I've decided to move them here a few at a time.

The Chameleon

Change baby change
life you rearrange.
In space and time,
your two worlds collide.
Northern seaside; fog settles in.
Western seaside; live in sin.
Doom and gloom your mind erupts,
Mirrors play tricks body is corrupt.
Spinning wheels keep you chained.
Living life in the fast lane.
You run on empty
Smoke induced, euphoric high,
It doesn't seem to matter
What gets you by.
Sounds caress your ears
Fingertips play the tune.
Stories spun and spoken with a laugh
Precious memories held in photographs.
Your sun rises in the East
Your moon sets in the West.
Darkness settles in
but you can never rest.
To the moon
baby and far beyond
How sweet it is
before it's all gone.
Change chameleon change
isn’t life very strange?

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