Thursday, June 17, 2010

Stellar Day

Oh what a night...and day. I feel so accomplished. Everything I set out to do today I actually did. Yeah me! And now look - icing on the cake, I'm blogging.

I've done some shopping for my daughter's party, finalized the menu for said party, ordered cake, baloons, etc. Did some laundry, have lil one's bag almost all set for her week in Florida, actually ate breakfast and dinner and not just coffee. I trashed my old query and rewrote a new one thanks to the great help of Jodi Meadows and her query crit. I finished Chapter 44, one more to go and then I'm in the editing trenches. I'm actually looking forward to it - one step closer and a little each day.

I feel awesome. Tomorrow it's food shopping and cleaning (not fun but it has to be done) and maybe just maybe I can start 45. (Squee!)

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