Monday, March 3, 2014

Turning the Pages - March Madness Presents...S.A.Hussey

Yours truly is today's interview feature.

Check it out here:  Turning the Pages - March Madness .

You'll get all kinds of cool information about me through the interview like who my favorite indie authors are (and you should check them out):  Juli Page Morgan, Debi Matlack,  Elizabeth Corva, and K. S. Thomas, as well as what my first job was and when my book, REMEMBRANCE, is coming out.

Watch the book promo video here:   Remembrance

To get more excerpts about REMEMBRANCE and my other stories come on over and "like" my facebook:      S. A. Hussey, Author

Three lives entwined by vows, magic, and love, ending in distrust, bitterness, and anger.  A spell cast, with dying breaths to bring them back to settle differences, rekindle the power of their friendship, and mend a broken heart.
The spell worked.
Now six hundred years later they are reunited. Can the trio work together to remember and bury the past and change what was, to what might be? Or, will they allow the pain of the past to dictate their futures? 
They must hurry as the spell didn’t just bring them back.  It also brought back their executioner.  He knows they are alive and he wants them dead…again.

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