Friday, February 27, 2009


For Juli..

As Above

Surround me ancient ones,
feel my energy
circle and rise.

Moon goddess,
guide me,
as I re-learn to fly.

I call… Earth
to shift and move the willows
Let their branches bow and dance
as I do before them.

I call… Air
to lift and stream through my dark hair
Let it flow free and wild
untamed like my heart.

I call… Fire
to ignite and burn brightly
Let the flames release white energy
into the depths of my soul.

I call… Water
to shed and fall from dark eyes
Let the past go, be one in the present
breathe the future.

Throughout Ostara eve,
wood nymphs fed the fire,
soft air blew heated embers
into the misty night sky.

Sun god,
watch me,
as I now take flight.

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