Friday, February 27, 2009


I hate that term... newbie but I guess that's what I am. New to blogging and setting up this account and page. blah. One should never do it while sick. I spose most of this blog will be taken up with my mindless meanderings and what I call poetry. Poetry first... my latest and greatest.

Sacred Sword

Virgin steel offered up from dark mountains
Embraced by dancing flames; licked
Seductively by fiery hot embers
Maintained by a gentle kiss from the
North winds.

On the anvil of truth and knowledge
Spitting sparks fly; repeated ring of
Turning steel pounded flat
By old hands holding the gods hammer.
Glowing steel screams and hisses
As icy spring waters cool its heat.
Return to the dance once more.

Forged steel lays flat, curved,
Sharpened by aged spinning stone.
Silver sheen polished; smooth as crystal
Etching sacred writ spoken in lilting
Tongues by the auld ones.

Braided leather encases the hilt
Awaiting the chosen one.
Sacred sword spins
In the hands of the Lady…
Who waits.

So there it is... This is what I do when there is not enough time to write on my current WIP and when I am procrastinating writing on my current WIP.

Stephy's meanderings... HA!

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