Saturday, August 29, 2009

REMEMBRANCE: Coming Soon (I hope)

With a skeleton key, only I posses, the door was opened. My dreamlike wishes ran amok, dancing and spinning through my mind; into loving, waiting hands that will spin the tale, of the one...

With dark hair that falls gently over high prominent cheekbones. Those ringlets of ebony silk strands fall over hazel colored eyes which stare, penetrating my being. Lips curled in sardonic smile he waits for me to tell his tale of sorcery and love. He licks his full lips slowly, whetting his appetite for what he knows will come from me. His long sculpted fingers push back errant hairs from out of his eyes. On his palm is the star and double crescent moons, deeply ingrained in black ink. His pale skinned hand is held outward to me. He knows it is I who will whisper the words into others ears by the touch of my tiny fingers, spinning the dreams of a long-forgotten reality. He stands waiting, the smile on his face is genuine. "Tell our story", he dares me. "Tell the story of the three, who once held the moon, sun and stars in their magical hands and let it go because of love and betrayal."

Remembrance, is just that - a story of love and betrayal but it is also of friendship and honor tested throughout time. Have you ever met someone and felt an instant connection? Have you ever wondered about your soul mate? How many times have you jokingly said, “we must’ve known each other in a past life?” Perhaps, you have.

Tarrant, Sulien and Arianwen lived, loved and lost in medieval days. They were the chosen three; a lord, a wizard and a witch with combined powers that would rule over medieval Wales; setting the sun and moon in harmony and balance with the lands. Through bitter betrayal it never came to pass - Arianwen was left alone to honor their name. Upon her death she set a spell into motion that was carried out into the auld Norse winds. The gods of fate have returned, breathing life back into that long-forgotten spell. The chosen three: Tiernan, Ayden and Arienh, are back to close the circle. Can they remember all that was in the past and fix the karmic wheel, or will the circle remain broken for all eternity?

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