Sunday, January 3, 2010


This is it! This is the year that all things will happen. I will blog, I will exercise and shed the unwanted pounds. I will make it to England and Wales. I will finish THE BOOK. I will... so many I will's.

I have 4 major things I want to accomplish in the next year, well I actually want to have them crossed off the list by end of June but I'll take the year if need be.

1. FINISH Remembrance.
2. Exercise regularly. I need to shed the unwanted weight I have gained somehow.
3. Go to England/Wales.
4. Meet Jimmy Page.

It's not a big list as you can see. These are not resolutions, as I always break them. These 4 things are a definite must... #4 might be a bit tough to work out but I am nothing but persistent and if I can do #3 -- well anything is possible. Right?

Oh yes there is a 5th one for the list, quit smoking, but I am hesistant to add it on there. Something about writing, smoking and drinking loads of coffee. I'm not sure I can give that crutch up but I will give it a go. I'm down to the last pack...have my patches and a firing squad (my 2 kids). So we shall see; if it interferes with my writing then...

I do hope to keep up with this blog though - can't believe its been 4 months. It was Summer warmth. Winter - cold wind snow. That's for another blog.

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