Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday the 13th

Muwahahahahaha (insert sinister laugh)

Has anyone else felt like this has been a week from hell. Starting it off I hurt my right hand. Fantastic, in that its not broken, but awful in that its my dominant hand and I can't do anything with it. As a writer and a person who makes a living being able to type...well, this is not a good thing. It's getting better - still stiff, still has the lump, swelling and bruise, but in time I'm assured this will pass. Must do my exercises, which is to hen-peck the keyboard to get the muscles moving again. So much for my 90 wpm speed, huh? All this because I knocked a fan onto my hand. (gah)

Its been slow going on the story. I tried using a dictaphone but I can't seem to make myself speak into the darn thing and make it sound like a story. Why? My doctor's make it seem so easy to use. I guess with time and practice I will get used to using it (probably about the time my hand is doing better). I did do some outlining on my new story last night (hand therapy). Can't keep a good writer down. LOL

I haven't been able to do anything in the house. All my grand plans for cleaning child's room and fall cleaning while she was away didn't pan out. I was lucky to get the pigs cage and cat litter pan clean and that was only with help (thanks Rob-I owe U).

Back to work already which is probably a good thing as daytime tv is brutal. When you find yourself yelling at the imbeciles on Contestant Row and the Showcase Showdown and have watched repeats of movies on the Lifetime Channel... it's time! I did however find a great show on at 4pm on the BBC channel some talk show - Funny stuff that was. I wonder if I can switch my hours at work. Hmmmm

Well hand therapy is over (for now) - I need to attempt dishes. Have run out of all coffee mugs and this is disastrous. I need coffee cups. :-)

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