Monday, November 1, 2010

In a Word

November 1st

Word Count Goal: 1650
Word Count total: 3305

NaNoWriMo started at the stroke of midnight last night. Unfortunately I was tucked in bed fast asleep. Got a late start but I surpassed my goal with Feywriters help. I challenged her to do 2200 words then that became a challenge to reach 3200. We both did it. YAY us!

I'm loving how the story is taking shape. I had an outline, chapter breakdown into pararaph formats of what I wanted to do. For the most part I stayed true to the chapter breakdown cept for 1 part where Emma and Percy needed to kabitz. But I'm now back on track and loving my story. I hope I can keep it up and my characters keep talking.

Tomorrow's count won't be as high. I know this going into the day. I have a concert I'm going to but I'm going to try and squeeze some words in throughout the day. My goal is to reach 1,000 words so I don't fall behind.

I feel great and happy we both surpassed our goals on Day 1. Thank you Feywriter.


Excerpt: Seren's Angel: Emma and Percy meet

Emma turned her head quickly towards the sound but saw no one. “Who’s there?” Silence. No buzz from the spirits, chirping birds or even the sound of the wind was there. It was as if no sound existed. Emma clenched her teeth. Was she imagining this? A voice had spoken. She stood up to get a better look at the cemetery. She didn’t want to be found until she was gone. If someone was nearby… “Hello,’ she asked. Still no response or sounds. With a shrug, she sat back down and picked up the blade, placing it against her neck. One quick rip against the jugular and within minutes she’d be gone. One, two…she pressed the steel tip into her skin and winced.

“Are you sure you want to do that?”

Emma brought the blade down and looked around. Annoyed she searched the cemetery again only this time she spied a man dressed in black leaning against the willow tree that she had sat by earlier. Where did he come from? She blinked. He was still there, staring and smiling at her. Who are you? And why do you care, she thought casting the man an angry glance.

“I care a lot about you Emma.” He pushed off the tree and walked towards her. When he neared he bowed in umbrage then stood upright and smiled.

How does he know me, she wondered? He didn’t frighten her. In fact she was curious as she looked up at his crystal blue eyes? They seemed to shimmer in the fading sunlight, she noticed. He looked human but yet, he felt like the spirit shadows did. They shared a disconnect to the environment around them – there but not there. This man had the same essence about him but yet he was flesh and blood. Was it possible?

“Yes. It’s possible.”

With mouth agape she stared at him in wonderment then whispered. “You can hear my thoughts.” His broad grin gave her his answer. “Who are you?”

“My name is Percival but you can call me Percy.”

“Let me rephrase that. What are you,” Emma asked.

“Exactly what you thought - a spirit in human form. I am a go-between, an angel in the shape of a human. Why a human form you wonder?” He grinned. “Most humans deal better speaking to another human when they’re in trouble. And you…” His eyes glanced down at the knife in her hand then back to her face. “My dear, appear to be in trouble.”

"Go away. I don’t need a go-between for the here and now. I’m tired." Emma looked down at the knife.

"We all get tired from time to time. You are now, and need to remain here."

Emma snorted. “Really. Why? Nobody cares about me. I’m the freak. My momma was the only one who cared, and she’s gone. I tried. I’ve really tried to live in this crazy world, but there’s nothing here for me. Look at me. I’m sitting in a cemetery because it’s the only place I belong, the only place where I comfortable and where I am accepted.” She paused and waited for the angel to say something, but he stood with a smile on his face. Why is he smiling? She frowned. “You know you’re not a very good angel.”

"Really. Why’s that?"

Emma took a deep breath, blew out her frustration then waved her hand in the air. “Seriously. You’re an angel. Aren’t you supposed to be telling me that I have something to live for. That I don’t need that knife. My momma wouldn’t want me to do this. “ Pausing, she sent him a nasty glance and turned away. “Go away Percy. Leave me alone.”

“Emma. Look at me.” He repeated his words and she turned around. “I can tell you those things but you already know this. You know right from wrong. Your momma brought you up well. You’re fighting your own demon. I’m here to help one way or the other, I am here.”

“Percy, you’re not helping.” She saw him smiling again. “Stop smiling.” Emma paced as she thought, what the hell is wrong with this angel. Aren’t they supposed to help? Just like the universe to send her a crazy angel. Bad enough I have visions, talk to the dead and hear others thoughts, now I have a go-between angel who does nothing but smile like the Cheshire cat. All she wanted was to see her momma. She needed advice. People were getting crazier, her visions showed the world in chaos. Emma stopped and rubbed her hands softly over her mother’s headstone. She closed her eyes and called out in her mind. Momma, please. I need help. I don’t know where…I don’t fit in. What do I do?

“She won’t answer Emma,” Percy whispered to Emma. “Her spirit has moved onward in the next phase of her journey.” Emma looked at him, her eyes filling with tears. He floated towards her then laid his hand over the one touching the stone. “Emma your mother was a beautiful light. She gave you all that she could give. She taught you well and helped you with your gifts. Remember these things as you make your decision, but also remember that nothing is without consequence. If you leave now without fighting, without really trying then you have failed and will come back to struggle all the more, to learn.”

“I have tried…”

“You have not tried to live. You haven’t even begun. What I do see is someone trying hard to die. Life is hard, but it is also beautiful and magical if you see it through your heart. It is you Emma, who see yourself as a freak. You are the one who can control this but you choose not too. You’ve been in a cocoon for so long you don’t know how to break free and fly.” Percy placed both hands on her shoulders then turned her to face him. “Emma, you have amazing, beautiful wings. Break free of the cocoon, fly and see the beauty of life through your heart. You have so much to give, your gifts are special. They are not given out lightly. You know when to use them, and yes, they can be scary at times because most don’t have them. You feel alone but my dear you are not alone, you have him.” He smiled as she stared upwards at him. “You know what and who I am talking about.”

Everything Percy said was true. She was fighting hard to die because living was painful, hard and scary. The future to come…was unknown for her, except for him. Him, the man who has no name, but connected to her in a way she didn’t understand. He frightened her. Who was he? She could never understand this one bit of her future. Momma always smiled, shook her head with a thoughtful, knowing look but never enlightened her. All she ever said was, ‘when you see him outside your vision dreams, you will know’; it was cryptic, like him. She’d been having more dreams of him lately and she didn’t understand her feelings.

“Who is he Percy?”

“I cannot tell. He is known only to you. But, he is real, and waiting. You’re having more visions of him because he is calling. You know this and you’re afraid. Afraid to live.” He looked again into her eyes. “Emma, don’t fight life. Live it, embrace it. Don’t live it here amongst the dead. Say goodbye and give life everything you have. Make it special, beautiful and find the magic. It’s there. Faith, hope and love. You have that, it’s in you. You want to believe, therefore it is." Percy turned Emma to face the headstone. "That is not a home, she is not there. Your momma is doing what she wants you to do.”

“What is that,” Emma whispered rubbing the headstone.


Emma turned around but Percy had gone. She looked back then knelt down at the gravesite and placed a trembling hand on the cold stone. The tears came then. To say goodbye was hard but Percy was right, her momma wasn’t here and she wouldn’t want her daughter to live with the ghosts. She had to live. If there was one thing momma taught her, it was to live. The world is a scary place and she was afraid, but she would give it her all, she had too. “Momma I’m leaving now. I don’t know how, but I’m going to learn how to fly and I’m going to soar. Goodbye momma. I love you. Merry meet.”

Then the tiniest of moments caught her eye. A lone pink petal had come loose from one of the buds she had laid on the ground. Emma watched as the petal rolled and tumbled around then lifted slightly in the wind only to fall. It was tossed around some more, lifted then dropped over and over again. She watched its struggle as it tried to find its place within the soft winds Then it happened, the petal found its way. It was lifted upwards then carried higher and father away until it was lost from her vision. She understood and smiled. It was time to fly.


  1. I would have been tempted to stop when the kid and hubby came home yesterday, so your challenge gave me the push to keep going. Yay us!

  2. good work,got my interest.flowed well,no edits that really jumped out,maybe a lil cleanup but that comes later,just keep writing