Saturday, March 19, 2011

I've got nothing

Well, not entirely nothing. I do have two books written waiting to be edited (3 if you count that story I wrote way back when). I also have the WIP of New Avalon. So, I do have something but...I have a whole of nothing going on.

I should be editing Remembrance, seriously since I gave up 2 years writing it - you'd think I'd be more motivated to get it done, out the door and into an agent's hands. It's not that I don't want that to happen, it's just that well...I got nothing. I pick up the printed version, read some, fix a couple of typo's then stare blankly. I have no idea what to do, well I do but I've got nothing. Aiden refuses to talk, and since I'm editing in linear fashion if he doesn't talk and tell me his story well... nothing happens.

So I put it aside, and go to my NaNo story, Seren's Angel. I love this story the way it is but know that I have to add wordage if I ever want to see it go anywhere, but every time I look at the printed or computerized story - I've got nothing, and it's disheartening.

I decided to write a new tale so when I had nothing on the others I could still write, use the creative noggin. I am so loving this new story and where it's going but I stopped on that as well. Oh I have creative ideas and words spinning in my head for New Avalon, but when I sit down...I get a case of the editing guilts, and it stilts the creative flow, crimps the mojo and makes my muse shake her head and run for the hills.

So lets recap. I have a character that won't speak, another story that needs more than I can give right now, and a WIP begging to be written but a case of the guilts shreds the desire. Hmmm yep that sums it up.

I spose I have to bite the bullet and kick Aiden's ass. Skip over him - maybe give more wordage to Tiernan - make Aiden jealous (and he's easily made jealous). I have to do something, anything...cuz I need more than what I have right now which is... nothing.


  1. interesting piece on nothing,maybe your muse is just busy getting used to the new room and will get cozy real soon

  2. nice blog, stephanie ... easier to sign on with facebook than google. thanks for posting.

    - bird

  3. you're descriptions of 'nothing' are intriguing ... good writing no matter what the topic ... maybe you can write about your characters' silence ... good luck.